Decidedly Dramatic Rooms

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This week I've been busy cramming in my son's supervised driving hours so that he can take the test and get licensed before school starts. It's actually kind of fun because it's a lot of time in the car with him, which is where he communicates best, presumably because there are no phones or other things more interesting than talking to mom to distract him. But it is stressful indeed. I can't believe my first baby will be off driving himself to school soon.

And in other big news, I learned yesterday that the TJX Corp. (Home Goods, Marshall's, TJMaxx....) concept store called HomeSense, previously only in Canada and Europe, is opening it's first United States store in Framingham, MA -- only 45 minutes from me!! It looks like it is going to be a higher end Home Goods, with departments dedicated to lighting, art, rugs, and furniture. I will certainly be there opening day (Aug. 17) and will keep you posted!

Onto the rooms, most of which are dark and dramatic, but not at all dreary. I'm liking these a lot lately....


Merlin said...

SAFE TRAVELS!!! Oh, I heard it rumored that "HomeSense" might expand...lucky you...I've subscribed to H&H for years and it's prominently mentioned!! franki