50 Favorites for Friday (All Varieties of French Rooms)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

How can it be August already!? Can you believe how summer flies by? My husband's birthday is this weekend, so we are busy celebrating that.  I am so lucky to live right near these beaches, but have only been a few times this summer, and not at all for dinner or a bonfire, but hopefully we'll make it there this weekend:


Another thing I wanted to mention is that one of my August goals is to add phone consultations to my list of services for people who have requests like paint color recommendations, need an item or two to fit an existing space, want layout ideas, etc. Stay tuned!

Ok, onto the rooms. Happy weekend everyone....

Favorite Sales Today:


Original pins here
Kem said...

THANK YOU. This was such lovely eye candy. Some of the rooms look move in ready, and just waiting for me.
Enjoy the weekend. Have an extra piece of cake for me. Enjoy the beach.
This was a lovely way to wake up and I'll be coming back over the weekend.