An Absolutely Extraordinary European Treasure: Neptune

Monday, August 7, 2017

I just ran across this company on Pinterest that makes me wish I lived in Europe. It's called Neptune, and it is a furniture store that started in England and now boasts 35 stores from Ireland to Germany.  What I think is special about it is that they show every piece they make in real, beautifully decorated rooms .... and not typical showrooms like you might see at Macy's or even Ethan Allen, but rather, really gorgeous rooms. Here is an example - if you are looking at the kitchen table offerings, you see several, like this one:

When you click into it, you get the details and ordering information, but also this photo of it in a space:

I guess it's kind of like Anthropologie in that way, except that they sell the paint, kitchen cabinets, tiles, wallpaper, lighting, flooring, and every bit of furniture in the rooms they show. I'd say everything but the kitchen sink except I think they carry that too. And this is not a sponsored post - I'm just totally head over heels for this company. 

Here are some of my favorite rooms from their catalog.

And here is where I have been shopping today. Honestly, sometimes it's just faster, easier, more affordable, and all around better to just go to Pottery Barn in the first place (especially PBTeen):


Here is my absolute favorite thing there right now. This headboard, only $109 and almost always 15% off:

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful store!! I hope they come to the U.S. soon!

Merlin said...

Fun AND FABULOUS!! franki ps..just ordered from PB today!! :)

Leslie Sinclair said...

Love the post! thanks!

Colorninterior said...

Loved this post. Thanks for informing about this shop. Its seems this shop contain all the great pieces for home decor. Looking forward to buy form there. Thanks for suggestion!