Decorating With Colorful Rugs

Monday, August 14, 2017

Do you guys remember my family room rug (above and below)? It's a 9x12 by Caitlin Wilson, and it was, let's just say, a splurge (here).

But look what I just found! If I had know about these by World Menagerie I might have done the blue based one instead of coral, and have saved a bundle. I'm sure the quality isn't the same, but they look great in my opinion. I am recommending one to a client now, and we'll start with a 2x3 sample. I'll keep you posted..... (you can click the images or HERE to view them)


 They show them in a room, too, which is always helpful:

If you're listening World Menagerie, please made a pink one...... 

Here are some rooms I really like that use very colorful rugs:

HERE are some other favorites by this brand (or click images):

Anonymous said...

The blue is beautiful but I do love the coral - sometimes it's ok to splurge right ;)

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I'm trying to talk a client into considering a colorful rug, but she's hesitating. I need to show her your post! I love World Menagerie too!