Newport, Favorite Restaurant, and Plain and Fancy Rooms

Monday, September 25, 2017

I have quite a mix of rooms for you today. But first I wanted to share some photos from a trip my husband and I took to Newport this weekend. We basically ate and drank and shopped. We have lived close by for a long time, so we have done the mansions, the Cliff Walk, and seen a lot of local bands, which is all great fun. But this weekend we wanted to just kick back and relax. We even took a nap one day! But mostly we ate.....

The food in Newport is amazing, especially at 22 Bowen, which is one of my favorite restaurants ever and one we always go to when in Newport. It's right in the heart of downtown on the water. The first image is the outdoor bar and restaurant, and  the second is the full restaurant just across the walkway:

Pretty, right?

This is where we spent a good chunk of Saturday:

And here is one of us living the good life. We feel very blessed.

Ok, onto the rooms. Enjoy your Monday!

Merlin said...

LUV'D ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! You two!! Bucket list............franki

Anonymous said...

Love Newport (and all the photos)!!