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I maintain a page, updated daily, of my favorite flash sale items from around the web. You can visit it  by clicking the image:

These are my favorite online stores:

aaaaOur new Spring Collection has arrived! Shop over 180 new products at Serena & Lily.a
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The following are things shown on this blog (when I can find them) and products and books that I recommend.  I only recommend products and books that I believe in because I've bought them for myself or a client (like all of the products below).  If I don't know the product personally, I won't recommend it.


These are my ALL TIME favorite Design books.  They are written by the best of the best in the world of interiors.  I can honestly say they changed my life.   I think you'll love these books as much as I do.


If you have as much trouble sleeping as I do, these are must-haves.
Not cheap, but in my book, worth every penny:

1500 TC Duvet Cover
Great Duvet
1500 TC Sheets

I would drag this out n a fire with me!




Sorry i haven't had a chance to update this a lot, but here are some of my favorite lights:

 All under $300

Under $400:



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This stuff is AWESOME: 

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