We now offer gift cards for decorating services. The process is simple and you pay no fees. You will simply input the recipient, your contact information, the gift amount, and payment. See more or purchase gift cards here:

Suggested Gifts:

1. $100 Color Consultation
This is for a one room paint color consultation. The recipient will email us photos of the room and we will work with them to determine their style and preferences. After determining what look they want to achieve, we will provide three recommended paint colors. We recommend Benjamin Moore colors unless another brand is requested.
2. $250 Color Consultation
This is the same as above, but includes 3 rooms. We will recommend three different color palettes, for a total of nine paint colors.
3. $500 Mini Room Makeover
This is for e-decorating services for people who want to keep most of their existing furniture, but need help with arrangement, accessories, colors, and finishing touches.  This covers 6 hours of our time (normally this would cover 5 hours, but this is a gift card special).
4. $1000 Standard Room Redo
This is for e-decorating services for people who want to decorate or redecorate an entire room, and are looking to purchase or replace at least 75% of their existing furniture. A typical Standard Room Redo includes floor plan, color scheme, and product recommendations in these categories: seating (sofas, chairs, chaises, sectionals), tables (end, console, cocktail, dining), case goods (desks, chests, bookcases, cabinets, servers, and the like), rugs, window treatments, lighting (table, wall, and ceiling), and accessories (mirrors, art, other wall items, pillows, throws, tabletop objects, and the like). This gift covers 12 hours of decorating services, which in the vast majority of cases is sufficient for a design plan for an entire room.
5. $1500 Two Room Design - Special
This is a gift card only special where the recipient will receive e-decorating services for any Two Standard Rooms. See #4 for details on a typical room design plan. This Two Room Design gift covers 24 hours of services and is the best value.
Additional Information:
We offer gift cards in any denomination. Please email us with specific questions about what yours can cover. 
Please note that wait lists may apply and timing will depend on when the gift card is redeemed. We will make every effort to accommodate deadlines when possible. 
Used and unused portions of gift cards you purchase will be tracked at South Shore Decorating. The recipient may use any portion of the gift at any time. South Shore Decorating gift cards will never expire.
You will enter the Gift Message, Recipient, Amount, and other information as shown. The card will then be emailed to the recipient or you can print and deliver it yourself - it's that simple:

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