About the Store and How to Get The Lowest Price:

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A few years ago, I was approached to open an on-line store by Arcadian Home.  They are a HUGE home decor and lighting company that basically no one has ever heard of. So, in an effort to increase their profile and generate sales, they asked people like me to have on-line stores in our names. The trade off is that we, the designers, get discounts on all of the products offered.

In fact, what convinced me to say yes was the prices. Most of these items are available all over the internet. But here they are consistently the absolute best price available, and there is a 110% price guarantee.

I offer READER discounts (my clients already get all trade discounts)....so all you have to do is email me HERE  for a quote. It will be less than the stated price by 5-20%, depending on the manufacturer. Please include either a link to the item or the brand and description.

One other thing - I do NOT control the contents of the store. I don't do the orders, front or back office, shipping, returns, and am not involved at all in the process. You will deal directly with customer service for all of that, but I CAN change prices and send you links for any items at the lowest price they will let me offer.

I hope you'll take advantage of it!