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About Me:
My name is Stacy Curran and I am a decorator, blogger, and over-sharer. I live near Boston and offer E-design services nationwide (click here for more). You may also send me an email by clicking here.

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First, thank you so much for visiting - whether you are new here, an occasional reader, or a faithful everyday visitor, I thank you all. Thank you, too, for coming to read this page. I'm glad you're here.

This is primarily an interior design, decorating, and DIY (do it yourself) blog. Every day, I try to feature beautiful, elegant, well designed interiors by designers and decorators everywhere to provide home inspiration for myself and my readers. I feature rooms and homes of every style - traditional, transitional, french, rustic, modern and contemporary, shabby chic, vintage, etc. - although transitional decor is a personal favorite. (<--- ok these last two sentences were stupid and were really for SEO purposes, sorry)  I occasionally write about lifestyle, makeup, skin care, gifts, travel, and other items. For those who care, I was born on Cape Cod and now live on the south coast of MA near Boston with my husband and children.

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These are allowed. But if you want to criticize me or my work, I ask you to be brave and link to your account. If you post negative comments anonymously you'll be considered a troll and treated as such. 

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I occasionally publish sponsored/partner posts for which I get paid. There are also affiliate links on this blog. Please assume I make a commission on anything you buy after clicking any of the links from this blog.  If you are interested in sponsorship (paid posts or sidebar advertising), please email me herePlease only contact me if you agree that the content will be disclosed as sponsored or paid, as required by the FCC. I will never honor requests to keep the fee arrangement from my readers.

Affiliate Links
Some people have asked me why I post ads. The reason is that I spend more than 20 hours a week providing the content here and on Pinterest. I do this because I love working in my pajamas. (I also like the variety of doing both blogging and design work).  I would make far more money if I spent all of my time working for paying clients.  So, I can't justify blogging without making at least some income from it. If you don't like the ads, I hope you at least understand the need for them. I try very hard to provide good content, but if you are still upset by them, instead of leaving me a nasty comment or hostile email, please exercise your right to unfollow me here and on social media.  

I have an "Images" link at the end of every post. If you need the source of an image or something in it, please click that and trace it back to the original source (if clicking it doesn't immediately tell you, which it often will). If that doesn't work, I suggest uploading the file to the Google reverse image tool. You'll find everywhere the image has been posted on the internet, and you can almost always find the original source there. I never have and never will change a Pinterest link, but unfortunately, many people have, and original sources have become obscured in many cases. I do not believe that showing you these images violates copyright law. Finally, I regret that I don't have time to source every image and every item for every reader that inquires, and ask for your understanding. Please see the "Questions & Contact" section below for more information on that.

Questions & Contact
If you have questions, please email me, leave me a message here, or visit my contact page at my interior design business, South Shore Decorating, at  

Please understand that I get dozens of emails a day from readers asking me to answer questions for them. Sometimes it is just asking if I know a paint color, for example.  If I do, I will gladly send you a reply email. The same applies with sourcing - if you ask me where a lamp is from, and I know, I will happily tell you. Please understand that what I can't do, however, is spend hours researching the answer if I don't know it. I've even had some people ask me how they should redecorate a room (not as a client, but just as a reader). I don't have time for that, unfortunately.  

In order to help with questions like these, I created a series called "Answering Reader Questions." I get more questions than I can answer, but I try to do at least three blog posts a month answering these in depth questions.  Please feel free to send me any decorating question, with or without images, and I will answer as many as I can in this series.

Finally, I can't answer questions like "Where is the blue sofa from in that pin you pinned last week?" If you have a question about a specific pin or photo from one of my posts, I need you to send me the URL before I can even attempt to answer it (otherwise I just can't find it because I have 50,000 pins and over 20,000 images on this site). It's cases like these where the Google reverse image tool is your best friend - Google it if you don't know about it.