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Shine On. Lacquered Furniture and Walls

I'm still thinking about lacquer since I am about to try it myself for the first time, in the form of spray paint, in the color green of the chair below. I can't wait to show you. Here are some of my favorite images featuring lacquered pieces:

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 You won't regret it :)




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The BEST Resources for Home Finds (that you MAY not already know of)

So you already know about Pottery Barn, West Elm, Anthropologie, and all of the similarly lovely, and very famous, stores.  They are my "go to" stores for many clients.  However, I wanted to share with you my other all-time favorite sources for home furnishings --  carrying everything from furniture, lighting, rugs and other textiles to bedding, art, and accessories.  I'm listing the stores (each store name links to its homepage), and a few examples of why I think they are so wonderful.  PS - I have no relationship with these stores other than that I am a customer....I am just writing about them because I can't imagine decorating without them!

Thanks for reading!!

I hope you'll visit my store for Rugs, Lighting, Art, Furniture and more:


,Must See Daily Deals at One Kings Lane!

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