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4 Important Factors to Keep in Mind Before You Build a Coastal Home

Homes that endure the test of time are those that thoughtfully embrace their surroundings, blending architectural design and interior aesthetics with the local landscape and the lifestyle of the region, while also catering to the unique needs of homeowners. 

Coastal residences, much like their counterparts in mountain and lake locales, often serve as retreats, to offer respite from daily demands. 

For this reason, you want to consider these 4 important factors first before you start building one:

Invest in the Right Materials

While historic coastal homes with their charming wooden facades possess undeniable beauty, they also come with a perpetual list of maintenance tasks. As such, it’s important to focus on materials that can withstand the challenges of high humidity and salt air prevalent in coastal environments. 

To address this, alternatives like Hardie plank and synthetic porch decking are favored. These options offer the enduring appeal of traditional wood aesthetics without the constant need for replacement.

Having Too Many Porches is a No-no

Coastal living in the South prioritizes outdoor spaces, with porches taking center stage due to the region’s heat and insect challenges. However, it’s also important to consider various outdoor areas such as decks, patios, screened porches, and covered verandas. 

These spaces are integral to coastal homes, offering diverse opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. To optimize these spaces, wraparound porches and multi-sided configurations are often employed to enhance airflow and provide expansive views. 

The View Matters

The importance of maximizing coastal visuals in home design, especially for waterfront properties, can’t be stressed enough. As much as possible, you want to capitalize on the allure of coastal living by integrating the view into various aspects of the design process. 

The positioning of the home on the lot, the arrangement of rooms, and the layout of outdoor spaces are all influenced by the desire to embrace and enhance the stunning coastal scenery. 

This might involve situating the primary bedroom suite on the second floor to optimize views, strategically positioning a guest bedroom for sunset views, or creating flexible living spaces that seamlessly transition to covered porches or decks. 

By aligning design decisions with the coastal landscape, the goal is to fully embrace the natural beauty that draws people to coastal living.

Enhance Your Living Space with Multifunctional Spaces

Coastal living often fosters a more relaxed and casual lifestyle, which is reflected in the design of spaces that prioritize family gatherings and entertaining. Unlike homes with formal, compartmentalized rooms, coastal homes require more versatile and multifunctional areas that can adapt to changing needs and seasons. 

For this reason, you want to prioritize creating spaces that can serve various purposes throughout the year and accommodate visiting family members. This flexibility allows your house to transition seamlessly between different activities to ensure that it remains practical and enjoyable for coastal living. 

In essence, the design of coastal homes needs to align with the dynamic and ever-changing nature of life by the sea.

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