Designing With White -- Fresh, Light, Sunny White Rooms That Inspire

Friday, April 8, 2011

Massucco Warner Miller Interior Design

Some people think, when they see a room with white walls, "Why didn't they paint the walls?"  Well, white walls are not always born out of laziness! They can serve a definite design purpose.  I love how these (mostly) white rooms feel so open, airy, and fresh!

Alexandra Rae

Samantha Farjo
Larry Laslo

I noticed that almost all of these room have  deep, dark chocolately wood floors.  It looks so good with the white walls, and leaves room to add almost any color to the room to balance the white.

I love how rooms with totally white walls can look so colorful, like these next two:


Joan Behnke & Karyn R Millet Photography
Lauren Stern Design

nikinikinine via DecorPad

Martensen Jones Interiors
Cote de Texas

Christian Miami
Michelle Workman via Veranda Magazine.

Candice Olson
Sarah Richarson

And last but not least, one of my all time favorite rooms.  I love the cream walls with the turquoise and cream color pallete.  And the dark green ottoman gives such a pop of color to the room.

Southern Living
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