House Beautiful Dream Bedrooms

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The bedroom collection on-line recently at House Beautiful is AMAZING!  Here are some by my favorite designers, as published by HB over the years:
Ken Fulk Design

Marshall Watson
Susan Zises Green
Lighting in general is a huge obsession of mine, but even if it weren't I think I'd be bowled over by this oversized chandelier, below. Love at first sight!

Melissa Rufty's bedroom
See more romantic style bedrooms like the one above, HERE.

Scott Sanders

So many of these bedroom have chandeliers in them -- an important feature in my opinion!  If only I could convince my husband that we don't need the HORRENDOUSLY UGLY ceiling fan (we do) that is in our bedroom now, and replace it with a chandelier!  Even worse, I PICKED the ugly fan when we built the house. I'm not even going to show it to you it's so bad.

Frank DelleDonne
Nancy Price
Tom Stringer
See more traditional style bedrooms HERE.
Susan Ferrier
Jonathan Berger
Jacqueline Derrey Segura
Kay Douglass
Albert Hadley
See an amazing home that Albert Hadley designed, HERE

Robin Bell
See more modern style bedrooms, HERE.

Gary McBournie
Smith Hanes
Photo by Michael Price
Christopher Baker
And last but by no means least, my favorite bedroom by one of my favorite designers, Michael S. Smith.  I love the casual, relaxed feel of this room, as well as the soothing color pallet.

Michael S. Smith
Thanks for reading!!

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Katty said...

I totally agree with your ever word and must say "Your all pictures are expressing the ideas of your title". All above pieces go with white color which is my favorite for home furnishing and that;s why I often prefer white bedroom furniture for my place to have all its features as shown above.