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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rios Clementi Hale Studios & Domique Vorillion Photography

The ceiling of a room has long been described as the room's "fifth wall."  So why doesn't it get the special treatment it deserves most of the time?  Really, why do we routinely ignore the ceiling, or just leave it the standard builder white?  I think it is because it is so hard to paint a ceiling without dripping, and it is a killer on the arms!  I'm ashamed to say, that even as an interior decorator, I have painted very few of my ceilings.  But after writing this post, and viewing these gorgeous photos along the way, that is destined to change! My FAVORITE of all time is the one shown above. I might never have had the courage to wall paper a ceiling in black and white stripes until seeing this -- spectacular!

If you're not up for wallpapering, there are a lot of choices for painting a ceiling. Do you do it the same as the walls, a shade lighter or darker, a totally different color, even a metallic?  The simple answer is YES -  You can do any of those.  Here are some examples of each....

I love this blue.  Carrying it onto the ceiling seems natural in this room. I can't even imagine it with the standard white ceiling after seeing this.

Here is one where a slightly different blue is used on the ceiling.  It gives it a nice calm feeling, like being wrapped in a blanket on a rainy day:

Similarly, in this next one, a similar but lighter color than the walls is used on the ceiling:


I am a big fan of these next ones, where the main  color in the room comes from the ceilings, with a few accents of the same color in the accessories or furniture.  This looks especially good where there is a tray ceiling, like the one below. But in general, if there is any kind of molding, painting the ceiling will help it pop the same way painting the walls does.

Emily Gilbert

Turner Davis Interiors via DecorPad

 Adorable for a girl's room, but a lot of work...I might hire a pro for this kind of ceiling:

How about this for a little boy's room? I'd definitely hire a professional for this one:

As usual, I've saved my favorites for the end..... If you read my blog, you know I am a BIG fan of everything glitzy,  glam, shiny.... So of course I am head over heels for these high contrast,
shiny and metallic ceiling paints:

Serenity in Design Blog


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karol justin said...

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andieclark said...

The pattern of the painted wall and ceiling complements the color of the room. The new homes for sale that I see in the market these days are becoming more and more creative like this one.