Bejeweled Rooms.....A Chandelier For Every Style

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a chandelier can add to a room ...  it's truly amazing!  I wouldn't be opposed to a chandelier (or two or three) in every single room.  These photos show that chandeliers can look great everywhere from powder rooms to rustic lodges to formal dining rooms.

I think Tracery (below) is one of the best firms out there right now.... the talent is undeniable.  You can view more of Tracery's gorgeous work in this post.   In this photo, I love the capiz shell chandelier with the aged mirrored wall:

I think gold is coming back, in a big way...  I'll post on that later, but for now:

In the photo below, I like the way the chandelier ties in with the wall votives, below.  This photo is also interesting to me because I have very similar chairs and rug in my modern and more formal dining room (below right), and although there is a totally different feel in both rooms, I think the items work in both (although I totally need a professional photographer):

I think I may have shown this room before when writing about silver leaf or metallic paint, but here I am looking at that gorgeous chandelier:
I think the one below is the same chandelier used by Tobi Fairley.

Meg Adams & Erica George Dines Photography
I love everything about this next one - the rustic walls, the amazing ceiling, the flooring, and of course the chandelier:

This one adds a nice tough of glamor:

This one is by Kristen her!

You remember the Sex and the City 2 set, right? Probably the only reason to go see the movie, but what a good reason.  ADORE this one:

Sex and the City 2 Set
I really like the chairs, flooring and light gray paint in this one for a classic, timeless look:


More gold....

 Pottery Barn Wine Bottle lighting.... not sure I'm a fan, but it's interesting at least:

Is it just me, or do these traditional formal ones look like upside down spiders? Love the room, though.  Hope I didn't just wreck this type of chandelier for you....

 I adore this one, from one of my very favorite blogs EVER, Maison Decor:

And, a few more gorgeous rooms with stunning chandeliers from DecorPad:

For more,  I wrote about one of the most beautiful chandeliers I've ever seen in this post.

Thanks for reading!!

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Jennie said...

You found such an amazing assortment of chandeliers, and I couldn't agree with you more-every room of the home deserves ones.

wall art said...

This things are all brilliant. You've done a very nice work of art collection.