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Monday, September 30, 2013

Ok, first things first - over the weekend, my husband and I were in a bar that had this at the end. And I thought (and said), hey, why don't we take the end cabinet door off in the kitchen, take the shelves out, and add boards to make a wine rack like this? And my husband was Totally. On. Board. Which is a very rare thing. So I think we are going to do this:

Also, I wanted to tell you more about our weekend in Boston. I had a whopping 9 comments on yesterday's post, which is actually a lot for me since Pinterest took over the world.  I used to get 30 or more regularly, but now everyone pins and maybe comments there, but not so much here. Which is totally fine - but the 9 comments shows me that you guys were interested in the Boston hotel and restaurants, so here is more. 

This is the Liberty Hotel, on Charles Street in Boston. Charles Street is a short, quiet little street of mostly antique stores and boutiques and a few restaurants:

The hotel is built in an old jailhouse. In fact, the brick and beams are all original to the jail. Here is the lobby:

The walkways that you see are where the guards used to patrol. Now, they make up what is called the "Catwalk." It is for hotel guests only, where you can sit and have drinks and appetizers and watch people. The night that we were there, there happened to be a fashion show taking place. There were an estimated 600 people in the lobby and on the catwalk, but we had a cozy little table and it was a blast.

And here is the restaurant Clink, just off the lobby. Again, the bricks and bars are original to the jail:

Another shot of the original jail portions of the lobby:

The interior courtyard where prisoners used to exercise:

The lobby during the day:

The original jail ceiling:

Several more photos of the lobby and catwalk - I loved it and could have spent days there:

And here is a room in the hotel, in an old cell:

But my favorite thing was the other restaurant in the building, independently owed. It is an Italian restaurant called Scampo:

The beef carpaccio:

Isn't that gorgeous!? And the food is totally amazing.

And here is the pizza place that we always go to when we are near Charles Street:

Check out the pizzas. AND they have a liquor license ;)

And here is our romantic little selfie on the catwalk at the Liberty Hotel :)

So that's it - that is the whole experience of our one day anniversary trip. It was worth every penny!

 You won't regret it :)

And on my other blog, Mary Jane's Makeup, today:




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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Look how cute you two are! That pizza looks amazing. I can see why you eat there when you're in town. It's a good thing I stuffed myself on greek salad and hummus earlier or I'd be craving pizza right now. Boston seems like such a cool town. We keep talking about getting up to that area, but haven't yet. Hope to soon.

Poppy said...

Wow! That Liberty Hotel is absolutely amazing!Loved each and every capture...especially the open courtyard with all the cells...gorgeous!The pizza looks scrumptious and you two are adorable together:)I love Boston! Thanks for sharing! Hugs, Poppy

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love the photo of the two of you and that hotel is totally amazing and the resturant is fabulous. I am so hungry after seeing all that yummy food. Hugs, Marty

Barina Craft said...

We're totally on board with the kitchen cabinet to wine rack conversion too :D

Like the angles to offset all rectangular lines and draw your attention to it as a focal point. Should be a relatively easy project to do. Good luck.

Claudia said...

Happy Anniversary! We celebrated in Boston last weekend for our anniversary. Beautiful weather in the city.. Love Boston and love all those spots.

Take care,

Cate said...

I live north of Toronto and sometime in the near future I plan to visit Boston. Your tour of the Jailhouse has certainly made me want to make it one of our stops. I just love your blog.

Katherine said...

Ha - I laugh at your comment about never wanting to leave Clink. I'm sure there are former prisoners who ached to get out. But that place looks amazing and what a great name.

The selfie picture of you and hubby is so adorable. You so needed the break away.

Anne said...

Glad that you had such a great one day anniversary in Boston, Stacy!

The hotel looks quite interesting. Quite a cell! Marvelous windows. They really were creative with their renovations!

Of course, I want to know what the bathrooms were like, if they were luxurious; and was there any soundproofing - or was it noisy because of all the concrete they probably had in the former jail?

Did you have a chance to go to the aquarium? It is a treat.

PamLuvsPink said...

Hi Stacy!!!

Happy Anniversary!!!

I love how the city of Boston didn't tear down this great building!! I love old buildings and I think that there is so many possibilities of using them for any number of things.

Thank you for sharing your 1 day trip!!! I find Boston so beautiful!!

I love the picture of the two of you!! Happy and in love!!!


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Merlin said...

You are just sparkling (wine.) :) franki

Anonymous said...

so, had no idea you didn't get dozens of comments on every blog post! you're one of the must reads for me and probably pin more from your blog than others. i would comment more often but fear looking like a stalker. :-)
the wine rack is very cool except in our house it would just look like a really cool cabinet full of empty shelving. ;-) suzi

The Aspiring home said...

Thank you for sharing! What a wonderful post - I'm ready to visit Boston!

Donna said...

PThe Liberty Hotel looks beautiful. I've been looking for a unique hotel in Boston and can't wait to stay there.

I love your blog - recently discovered through Pinterest - and look forward to following you!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Reading your post, just wanted to respond to why you sometimes don't get so many comments. One: it can be difficult, almost impossible, for non-bloggers to leave a message, and Two: someone usually has already posted what I was going to say; who wants to repeat? Your readers still enjoy your posts!

Stacy Curran said...

Hi and thank you for the comment!! I'm actually not upset about it, because I know I read a ton of blogs and don't always have time to comment. I tried to make it easier by allowing Anonymous comments and will NEVER EVER have word verification, but still, I totally understand when people are to busy. I'm just glad you all are visiting :)