50 Favorites For Friday (#103)

Friday, November 15, 2013

First of all, happy birthday to my sweet little boy, who became a teenager today!!
Here is my little monkey as a baby/toddler:

And as a teenager!! He is mad at himself in this photo because he threw an interception in this game and they lost, so he blamed himself. But I think he looks SO handsome, so it's the one I'm showing you :)

Love him to pieces.

Ok, on to the 50 favorites:


Also, check out this chair for $261!!! A STEAL:




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Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

Happy birthday to your little, I mean big, guy! I like his football picture, too. My son is 11 and he's getting super serious about sports now too so I completely understand that reaction, lol.

Great Friday pics as usual!

Katherine said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome young man.


Happy birthday to your adorable Little boy, who is now a handsome Young man, like his pretty mama!
You always make me drool with the most amazing interior decorations my friend! Enjoy your weekend.

Merlin said...

Well, you managed to hit all my pulse points yet again!! Enjoy every minute of teen to twenty...it's over in a twinkle. franki

Scat said...

Your son is a doll and so are you! Love all the photos.

Sandra Lee said...

They grow up so fast don't they?

diane said...

Why do they have to grow up? At least he is not a teenage girl :{

But he is adorable!

Teresa Hatfield said...

So much gorgeousness here, Stacy!!
Happy Birthday to the new teenager!! I remember that birthday.

Anonymous said...

wow...so many great pictures! thank you. yes, quite the handsome young man. my husband had this same kind of incident as a pitcher one time and was so mad he walked the 5 miles home! he's in his 60s now and still laments it when his mother brings it up.

KL eternalicons said...

Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful 50 images again but the post was 'stolen' by the gorgeous first two. Happy birthday to your freshly minted teenager, a very handsome young man indeed. X kl