House Update: Double Thickness Absolute Black Granite Kitchen Counter and Wine Cooler

Friday, February 13, 2015

 First of all you guys, I'm so sorry but I do not have a 50 favorites for you today. You don't need to hear all my complaining, so I'll make it short – Bobby has the stomach bug and we have more stupid snow coming and that's keeping me too busy.  (I never ever want my kids to be sick, but I can't say I hated the part where my 14 year old boy wanted to snuggle with mama because he was hurting).

Also, I have the smartest readers in the world! Remember a couple of days ago I posted my "brilliant" and "new" idea of using 96 inch long (or longer) table cloths as curtains? Well, that idea was new to very, very few of you. I got so so many emails from people who had already thought of this and who had done it. One person even sent me a photo (I don't want to publish it without permission, but thank you so much. I absolutely love when readers send me photos).  I'm so impressed because I do this all day every day and so many of you thought of it well before I did. 

Finally, I've been talking about my new kitchen island forever. Well it finally got installed today and I'm very happy with it. It is a slab of double thickness absolute black granite with a honed finish and standard edging. Obviously, the wine fridge is new as well, and I still have to figure out the barstools. I'm not completely unhappy with the stools that are there, but my kids actually knock them over and they break periodically. I haven't been able to replace the fourth because I can't find a match, so it looks like all new! Also, the pendant lights are relatively new, but I am not digging them with the black. That is going to make my husband very, very unhappy.  So I'm thinking I will take them down and probably spray them silver while he's at work (I'd bet you anything he will never, ever notice. One time, I changed the wall color in the dining room from white to black, and even after I said "Can you tell what's different?" he couldn't.  I'm very lucky that way). What do you think about the lights?

Ok, here it is: 

This is a close up to show the edge and thickness:

 And this show the length that he island was extended. That empty part on the right is getting a door to conceal the fact that it is dead space behind it (well, not dead space so much as space to house the fridge. And I see I have crooked hardware. Kids):

 Happy weekend everyone, and if you are in the path of this next storm, stay safe and warm. On thing that this record snowfall has shown me is that it is very true that you shouldn't try to mess with the might of mother nature.

My favorites today:

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Calypso In The Country said...

Too funny about your husband not noticing things. It takes days for my husband to notice when I get a haircut and I have moved major pieces of furniture and it literally has taken months for my husband to notice. On the other hand, if I spend a bit too much on the American Express card, you can bet he notices that! I love the island and the wine fridge. I would love to put a wine fridge in my kitchen when we remodel but my husband doesn't think it's "necessary"! Maybe I should just do it and see how long it takes him to notice! -lol. Enjoy your weekend and the snow - ugh. We are getting a few inches here in NJ tomorrow too.

Karena Albert said...

So sorry about the kids being sick. This weather....just dreadful.

Your kitchen however is a delight and I really love the pendants the way they are, it just adds warmth to the black and white to me. Love your husband, that is too funny!

Happy Valentine's weekend!
The Arts by Karena

Pura Vida said...

happy weekend Stacy!

Kathysue said...

Gorgeous countertop, love it. As far as the lighitng goes, I love the brass in the room, BUT I think what might be pulling your eye is you have ALL silver accents. Take them out of the room, add a bit of texture and maybe a little brass her and there and I bet you will like it better, Just a little suggestion.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love the island and the black could paint your lights white or black...

Anonymous said...

I love the island, I love your house. Period.
And yes, silver lights would be perfect,

KL eternalicons said...

Ooooh.....that looks GOOD! Love the bar fridge inclusion!


Stacy, I love your house, it's gorgeous and the kitchen is lovely, you did a wonderful job.
Unfortunately, Alejandro nitices everything and he's very opinionated, lol!
Happy Valentine's sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I have SO much black granite, and I love it. OK, in Arizona, you have to wipe it down every day or so, because of the dust, but it is beautiful!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

The black granite looks awesome! I wanted my black granite honed, but it wasn't in the budget at the time because of all the remodeling we were doing at the time. The good thing about black is that you can never tell when it's dirty. It's bad when you put something on what you think is clean counter! I like the brass lights with the black. It's the first thing I noticed. But, I have people tell me things look fine all the time that drive me crazy so I get it.

My husband notices everything because I make him DIY it as I stand over him lol. Half the time he as no idea what he's doing or why until it's done. Then, it was all his idea to begin with. Drives me crazy!

Anonymous said...

For new counter stools, you may want to check out West Barnstable Table Company the next time you're on the Cape. We looked there, as we've just remodeled our Cape kitchen. Their furniture is a little pricy, but beautiful. We ended up finding our stools at the always-affordable Christmas Tree Shop.

Kristy Woodson Harvey said...

Love the new island! It looks gorgeous. I so hope Bobby is feeling better... This reminded me that my little boy won't be little for long so I better savor all the snuggles now! Happy Valentine's Day! xo~Kristy

The enchanted home said...

Gorgeous!! I love it...hope your son is one the mend, cannot believe the snow you are getting, crazy!

You had me laughing about your husband and the paint, mine used to do the same thing, he is a bit more "astute" now but funny how we don't miss a detail and they can overlook something so big and lol!

Sandra Lee said...

Beautiful, love the island! If we ever get a new home a huge island is at the top of my must have list.

Mahesh Singh said...

This Black Granite is looking wonderful with white cabinet. is it polished or matt finish ?