Tough Call, Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

^That was a teaser. Now I need to complain, and then more images.

Does anyone else hate the new Pinterest changes as much as I do?  In case you are not aware, they give you not one, but TWO popups every time you pin now. 

First, when you go to pin something (from Pinterest, i.e., a repin of someone else's pin), you get this lovely popup:

I used to get an inconspicuous list of my boards to pin to, but now, holy mother of popups. 

And it's slow as molasses, which is what bothers me the most. It takes forever to load - a few seconds, which IS forever in internet terms, and that's only part of the new process.  

After you pin, you get ANOTHER popup telling you that you just pinned it. Well, duh. Didn't I just have to go through a really annoying popup in order to pin it? Tell me something I don't already know. Geesh.

This is the second popup:

And this one is slow, too. And you have to click to the side of it to get out of it, or "see it now" to go see the pin that you just pinned. Um, I already saw it, which is why I pinned it. 

What are you thinking Pinterest?  This could not be more annoying, slow, or frustrating if you tried. Please go back to the old way. (Just as an aside, Pinterest also does this weird thing with their url where on some pages, you have to delete the www so you use "http://pinterst.com" to get a working link. It's totally unnecessary - no one else does this without a redirect - and annoying and frustrating for those who don't know to do it).

In general, Pinterest has made some very questionable calls lately, in my opinion. Besides the annoyances they intentionally added to pinning, they are trying to switch over to a sales platform, where they will sell every product that people pin. If they do it successfully, they'll be the first social network to do so. 

But here's the problem. They are taking user content and monetizing it, while not letting users monetize it.  It's the exact same thing as if Facebook took your photos, saw a pair of shoes in them, and linked them out to the store and then got a percentage if people bought them. Whether the owner of the Facebook profile who posted it (or the Pinterest user) should be able to do this is one thing. But it just feels really really icky and greedy for the platform (Pinterest) to do it. If Pinterest wants to sell on Pinterest, shouldn't they have to upload their own pins like everyone else and not use mine or yours? Maybe I'm wrong - tell me if I am.

Ok, you know I won't leave you without eye candy!!

Angelina B. said...

I feel like pinterest is going to have a lawsuit on their hands. Some of things that people pin are copyrighted material owned by much larger companies/professionals than small bloggers like myself. If pinterest is going to use some of those copyrighted images on their site with intent to make some $$ from it, I feel like the copyrighted owners will eventually sue. I tend to browse pinterest using their iPad app which I don't think has the two step box thing yet like the web browser does. But if they start throwing tons of ads my way I am done

Stacy Curran said...

I don't think you'll recognize them as ads - they'll just change the links in product pins to their own tracking code. You won't even know because the link will still take you to the same destination, but will have numbers on the end. Which is fine if they in fact uploaded the pins or pinned them from the stores themselves - I'm just not a fan of them taking user generated content and monetizing it, though. I think most people also agree about the ads. I get the same Target ad OVER and OVER and OVER in my feed

Anonymous said...

So not user friendly! When I choose my board (let's say Home D├ęcor Ideas), I usually have to click two times in order for it to pin. It bounces off the pin button and I have to start all over. Well, at first I thought I was being sloppy and not hitting the pin button right in the middle/on target. But that is not the case. There is some glitch and it is driving me crazy. I don't have time for this nonsense. ugh
On a different note, love YOUR pics today. Every last one. drool, drool

Fiona Christine said...

I use the app on my phone, because I can't stand to watch the feed on my laptop, because I don't like the wide angle view. So if they change the way you have to pin on the app, then I might stop. I think the site has so many code glitches, and the app constantly crashes. It's just another commercialized platform where they'll find a way to mess it up or screw users. I'm quite over it, already.

Stacy Curran said...

Totally agree with both of you. I'm still addicted, but the changes are really, really annoying

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I noticed the changes, too. I was sitting there waiting for the pop-up to disappear and it never did until I clicked off to the side. Weird. I just love Instagram lately though. I've had it for a while, but never realized how great it could be. I need a social media book for dummies! My kids tell me I need to make a vine and we'll be rich lol. Maybe I need to listen to the kids!

KL eternalicons said...

I agree Stacey...so annoying. Love your images today!

Michelle Tomlin said...

Sooo, that's what's been going on... I wondered why the ads had significantly increased and I have been "bouncing" all over the place. Boo, Pinterest!

Katherine said...

This is what happens when the big boys who have something good going on decide to get greedy. Leave it alone and listen to your audience.

Gail D. said...

VERY irritating! I don't like the new changes at all. They will keep up with the changes and anger everyone, and perhaps will end up like Feedly, which I loved.

Anonymous said...

Yep? Hate it.

Sandra Lee said...

Pinterest is slow as molasses in January and that is so frustrating! Thanks for the eye candy and I can appreciate the rant.