My Family Room Plans

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Some of you (including my dad), saw on Facebook that I sold everything from my family room recently. 

An aside - My dad insists on having Facebook even though he has only two friends - my sister and me - hates it, complains about it all the time, can't use it, and gets mad at everything we post.  Recently, I posted pictures with this title: "Furniture from my family room for sale," and I got an email within ten minutes saying "Why do you have pictures of your family room furniture on Facebook?" And I could just hear the disapproval in his email. 

But my personal favorite is when I post every year "Who has the number for John the pool guy? I can't find his number on line," and my dad responds every year with: "Don't you feel kind of stupid asking the same question over and over? Do you know what an address book is? Why don't you write it down and then you won't have to keep asking your friends." Oh vey. Gotta love dads. I guess I might have made him a bit crazy, too, back in my teen years (ah hem). Good thing he doesn't read this blog ("too hard").

Anyway..... my kids broke the frame of one of the sofas and destroyed the fabric on the other one from our old family room. Patrick has been asking for a year that I pick out a new sofa (and stop spending on other things so we can afford it). I finally gave in, but told him I wanted to "re-do the colors," which is, of course, code for "redecorate." (I wasn't tricking him - he is well aware of what he calls "Stacy-speak.") 

Here is where it was a couple of weeks ago:

 It's a big room (24x24 or so) with tall ceilings and lots of windows. I want to maximize that open airy feel, rather than filling it in as I've done in the past.  Here are the types of images I've been inspired by for the last year or so - a Parisian apartment kind of feel:

So, here is my plan to accomplish it. I drew this a while ago, and it's probably illegible to you, so I'll go through it. 
*Top left, Saarinen style tulip table, four acrylic Z chairs.  
*Cream/white color hide rug
*Huge sofa on an angle with a couple of small round tables in front and to the side
*Enormous crystal chandelier hanging low
*Full silk curtains puddling on the floor,
*Giant ornate mirror leaning on the empty wall

And here is what I have bought or plan to buy -

This sofa (ModShop), which is 44" deep and 11' long. It's big enough to seat all four of us really comfortably:

 This photo shows the depth better, but the color is the turquoise above:

And it will have these legs:

This Saarinen style table - this is the only thing that has arrived (ebay):

These chairs around it:

This mirror on the back wall (HERE - same exact one as Horchow for 1/2 the price):

A rug like this:

Double width curtains in light gray silk (HERE):

And my favorite thing, that will make the room I think, THIS 45" wide chandelier.
It will also be hung about 1/2 below the beams, so it will block the tv from the kitchen, which is great in my opinion. Sitting on the sofa or chairs, the view will be fine.

And of course white walls. And someday wall panelling - crucial to the look but will have to wait.
I hope you guys can envision it and like it!

I really considered one of these, but decided on the hide instead:

Merlin said...

This IS GOING TO BE SO GOOD!!!! Anytime you get a huge chandie dripping with a GOOD THING!! CAN NOT WAIT TO SEE FINISHED go girl!! franki p.s. Dads...can't live with em and can't live without em... :)

Karena Albert said...

Stacy I am so excited yo see this fabulous design come to fruition!!
It looks very European and so very chic!

The Arts by Karena

mcm said...

terrific choices! love that sofa and its Lucite legs!

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I love this look and have been pinning similar images the past couple of years. It's going to look amazing! Yes, that paneling is a must. Sit your husband down in front of some DIY videos and start him on a new woodworking hobby. That's what I did with my husband and it worked out great...for me. Well, he gets bragging rights so it worked out for both of us. He did say he was going to sell all of his saws and tools before we move to the new house so I think he might be telling me something. ;)

Pura Vida said...

What a hilarious post and then the ideas... can't wait to see

Anonymous said...

Beautiful project! Love the 11' sofa and the soft gray silk curtains. xo Leslie

VIMAX ASLI said...

pretty sofa, i like that. :)


yeah, that's good and great interior. i love it ^^

KL eternalicons said...

I absolutely LOVE your new design direction Stacey....can't wait to see it all come together! Those Parisian inspiration images were all gorgeous! x KL