50 Favorites for Friday #218 and SO SO MUCH MORE

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Part 1: Fashion Posts
I posted 4 posts today and three of them are fashion posts (Dresses/Other Clothing, Swimwear/Lingerie, and Shoes/Jewelry). I know that you guys are here for home decorating and that this doesn't really fit the bill.  But one of the things about blogging is that doing the same posts every day can get boring. And I really don't ever want to get bored, so once in a while it is good for me to do something new.
I have worked with Anthropologie for a really long time and they are the only (seriously, only) retailer that I have a close relationship with (I have quarterly phone calls with, get advance products from, etc. ) I believe in this company 100% and love it more than any other fashion retailer. They are incredible, and this is the best collection of new arrivals I have ever seen.
Here is a preview of the fashion posts I did today (I linked to them above):

Part 2: Pinterest and Google Plus

So Pinterest saw the post I wrote and that so many of you commented on about how much the smart feed stinks.  I know they saw it because they responded to Facebook comments above and before mine (where I linked to the post). They ignored it. I didn't expect things to change overnight or because of my blog post, but I did hope for a response. Anyway, I didn't have time to respond to all of your comments, but please know again how much I appreciated them.

I especially loved the ones about Google Collections, which is a platform I was ignoring until now. But I think I may switch over to that from Pinterest.  Here is my profile (I deleted it by accident thinking I was deleting my personal profile, so I lost all my posts, so I'm really starting over). I *think* I didn't lose my Google Plus followers when I deleted my account, so if you followed before you should still get posts. You just can't see the ones before today (sorry).  And you can click the Collection below (or here) to follow if you want.

Part 3: 50 Favorites

beckymex said...

Stacy...something I forgot to mention regarding the changes to Pinterest: I used to really enjoy seeing other people's comments to pins...including mine. I think it was insightful. Now---nothing...and there is no way to comment on another's pins. Boo.

Stacy Curran said...

Weird! I was able to comment yesterday but today they told me my comment was blocked because I was acting "strangely" lol.

Michelle Clark said...

I clicked to follow you on the Post on Google. I've noticed that often, when a lot of changes happen swiftly, at a company, they are prepping themselves to be sold. Whatever, I hope they straighten themselves out for the better, at end.

I think it's good for you to be on as many platforms as possible, anyway. Just more places that we can find you! :) I'm glad that you have my e-mail. Please add me to all and any of your mailing lists! I would be dreadfully upset, if I could not follow you. Thanks! MC