50 Favorites for Friday #123

Friday, April 1, 2016

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos Stacy!

Karena Albert said...

Have a great weekend Stacy! Thank you for bringing us so much beauty!

The Arts by Karena

Debra Conway said...

Each photo makes a statement and represents a mood, feelings. I love them all. I might have to make a poster!! So inspiring!

G. Norris said...

Hi! In re your carpet dilemma, I would look into a beautiful decorative carpet and have it bound by the factory to custom size. I did a cream color frieze carpet a few years ago. Size 12x22. Carpet installers delivered, put pad down, then rolled it out. Voila!

Julie said...

Instead of another sofa I would add 2 comfortable chairs with a table between for lighting and a place to put drinks, etc. I'm thinking the chandelier would be better in a different room...It's beautiful but sets the formal tone.

Joanne said...

I agree with Julie on both points. I would also vote for the colorful/darker rug. It adds a casual vibe and will hide any stains/dirt that will happen. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

1. Blue rug ties the colors of the room together, especially to the large sofa which will add coziness.
2. Adds balance to the large sofa like nothing else you could put in the room.
3. Light color of Shag rug will magnify sofa, and although textually soft, will not add the amount of coziness you desire
4. Have bought similar Shag rug before. I didn't like the look of it after I used it for a couple of months. Higher maintenance. Gave it away.
5. Not one of the choices on survey, but I would add the addl seating, possibly with ottomans depending on your space limitations AND floor the pillows which should accomplish both the comfort and coziness objectives
6. Don't buy the Shag rug. I will not save any money in the long run.


Niki Lockhart said...

Do you have the name of the floral wallpaper?

Stacy Curran said...

Niki- here is the wallpaper: https://www.surfaceview.co.uk/shop/walls/mural/1183/vaa0143-m-3000x2400#/customise/mural/step-1/