The Most Amazing Place I Have Ever Been

Sunday, April 10, 2016

New readers: I am NOT a travel agent and get nothing from this. I just loved the place, but get nothing if you book! (Lot's of people asked). Also, I'm linking to my awesome blog friend Shelley at Calypso in the Country - you should see her travel links here if you love travel like I do).


If you have been reading this weekend, you all know I was on a girl's long weekend in Cancun. It was incredible - I can't even tell you how gorgeous our resort was.  I have been on one all-inclusive before (in Jamaica) with the same group of friends a couple of years ago, but I have to say I like Cancun and this resort much better. That trip was great and I liked the all-inclusive thing, but now I LOVE it.  My family never really vacationed that way, so I didn't know much about it. But seriously, it's the way to go.  This weekend was so great that that I booked a week while I was there for next year with my family (yay!) 

The resort I just returned from is on the tip of a peninsula in Cancun, so there are beaches (and pools and restaurants) on three sides. Literally, you stand in the lobby and look right, and there is the beach. Then you look left, and there is another beach. That proved very confusing for this directions-challenged girl, but it sure was stunning. 

I don't know anything about how to book it because my travel agent does everything for us. She found the resort (Cancun Ziva) and got us the best price, so I'm going to link you to her if you want more info. You can email her at Susan Peavey Travel here.

Here goes with the photo tour.

The Pools:

This is where I sat for 3 days:

My un-manicured toes, and that's all you will see of me in a swimsuit:

 This is the infinity pool on the rooftop:

The Beaches:

I didn't really go on the beaches because I'm so spoiled and live near nice beaches at home, so I only have a few photos:

The Dining (and Drinking) 

This was maybe the best part. The Mexican food was nothing like our "Mexican" food. First, there was no cheese. Second, it was so fresh and the sauces were incredible. I ate more than my share.

There are 14 full restaurants and specialty food venues, and several bars:

 Full restaurants: 
-A Brewery (with casual bar food like wings and things) 
-A buffet with everything you can imagine including sushi 
-A burger place
-One more I can't remember

Specialty places on site:
-A coffee place that did everything that Starbucks does plus green smoothies and fruit smoothies
-A dessert place with Nutella ice cream, a chocolate fountain, DIY cotton candy, other candies, cakes, etc.
-A Margarita place
-Lots more bars inside and outdoors and in the pools
-Adults only rooftop bar with glass bottom infinity pool

-Oh yeah, and 24 hour room service of basically anything you want 
-Included minibar of course

-And sort of like pop-up outdoor specialties every day and night, like this one below and the churro one that I didn't photo because I was too busy stuffing my face.....

This is a late afternoon paella snack for those who wanted it:

These are the Nicest. People. Ever:

The Italian restaurant:

There were swings right at the bar:

Some desserts they laid out one night:

The Japanese restaurant:

The beach restaurant:

The coffee place. Isn't this map made of coffee beans so cool?

The rooftop bar at happy hour:

The margarita place:

The dessert shop:

And the teenage lounge with xbox and billiards and things like that, plus kid-friendly food. There were lots of things for children and teens, but I didn't capture them all because my own weren't with me.

These are drinks. I kid you not:

The Spa:

The Resort at Night

These are my favorite images. And this was at 100% occupancy. We asked why it wasn't crowded and they laughed and said the resort is totally full. There were people there of course, but we never ever didn't get the chairs we wanted, never had a line, never had to wait for anything. It was awesome.

They do performances and games and things here:

The Decor

Some random shots of the style of the resort:

Yes, those are swim out rooms:

 This was about 10 feet wide:

This is the open air lobby:

I mentioned that the resort was at 100% occupancy, but I realize some of my photos make it look deserted. It really wasn't - I just try to take the pictures when no one is around. 

I can't say enough good things about all-inclusive or this resort. I brought some cash with me just in case, but didn't spend one cent of it until I got home and paid for airport parking.  I literally cannot wait to go back.

I am sold for life on the all inclusives and can't imagine doing the regular vacation thing ever again.

If you want more info here is the travel agent again -- Andrea at Susan Peavey Travel. She really knows her stuff and gets us way better deals than if we went through the resort directly.

Chris M said...

looks amazing! What is the name of resort?

Anonymous said...

Wow, looks fab! Haven't been to Cancun is years but after looking at the photos of Cancun Ziva, I just might reconsider. Thanks for sharing, great photos and recommendation that yr travel agent can use too.

Susan Peavey Travel said...

We love you Stacy! The name of the resort for the comments above is Hyatt Ziva Cancun.

Anonymous said...

Wow! So beautiful, thanks Stacy!

Calypso In The Country said...

OMG - those pictures are incredible! I am long overdue for a tropical vacation and it looks like you stayed in an amazing place! I am doing a one-time Spring Break link party next Monday so feel free to link up next week if you remember! I am sure you would blow everyone away with your pictures!
Enjoy your week!

Katherine said...

It looks warm and beautiful. So much fun getting away the girls anywhere, but this is very special.

Calypso In The Country said...

I had to read through your post one more time to take it all in again! Seriously, what a place! Swim out rooms...rooftop infinity pool, swings at the bar...I wonder how many people have fallen off them - lol! Thanks so much for linking up and for the huge and very sweet mention at the beginning of your post. You are awesome! Thanks again and have a wonderful Mother's Day!