50 Favorites Home Office Edition & House Updates & Reader Votes Please!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

I have so much today....skip to about half way if you only want to see the 50 Favorites.....

So I lost my entire blog format last night, and in a brief moment where I also couldn't access any of my content, I. Lost. My. S***.  It's 3:26 am now, and I got most of it back. So will I learn not to go meddle in my code? Probably not, unfortunately. Anyway, it looks different because I did as much as I can do for now and will have to pick it back up another time. For those of you with blogs: When every tutorial ever in the history of the internet tells you to back up your stuff before meddling in your code? I'm thinking they actually make a very good point.

Next, I told you yesterday how the wrong item came for my office..... I ordered a desk, but they delivered a credenza. I decided to cancel it and not have them try to track down a desk (they were out of stock). Some things are meant to be, I think, because my lovely decorator-blog friend-reader Linda emailed me this Kate Spade beauty, which I hadn't seen before:

I can't buy it, because it's about $3500 with tax and shipping. But, I can try a do it yourself. So I am keeping my old desk and Ellie and I drew dots all over it yesterday afternoon. We decided using Sharpie was waaaay too hard when there is a simpler solution. Namely, Mod Podge. It occurred to me part way in, when we were feeling loopy from the marker fumes, that we could use paper and Mod Podge. So I ordered a $17 roll of wrapping paper and we'll try it out on the underside of something first. If it looks good, it will save a ton of time and will be a $25 makeover, including the glue:

And I have a lot of work to do on this wall, patching and the like. But this is to show you the candle holders (not really hung correctly yet) that I bought at Home Goods. I'm not sure if I'm keeping them. Also, I'm ordering a table for under the art once I get a credit for the desk. Once it comes in I'll go from there:

Actually, do you guys want to vote? I have never passed up a blog poll in my life, and I hope you guys like them, too.

So let's assume all is equal (which it's not, because #6 is like 3 times as much as the others.....) But pretending they are all affordable, which do you like best for the room? (Email readers have to click through here to vote). The room is all white and I haven't decided on windows yet, but I don't think it really matters for this:

My husband will say #1, because it is the most narrow. I say #6, clearly, but it's very expensive. So honestly I'll probably do #1 and spray the legs gold and change the hardware. 

Oh, and here are the links plus some others I like but ruled out. There are some really affordable ones, but they are too narrow or too deep, and some really expensive ones that I ruled out for price (my husband won't believe that, but it's true). These images below are linked:

See the last two above? That table is actually black and white dots. It's so cute, and only $306 (trade price). But it's way too small. I love it though....if only it were twice as long. Isn't it awesome?

So because this is what I am focusing on these days, I thought I'd do a 50 Favorites of home offices. I hope you enjoy it!

And in fashion... seriously, every day with the new. Anthropologie is the best. Store. Ever.  And this is exactly how I aspire to dress. When I'm not wearing yoga pants of course. 

Click any image to view new arrivals. Or by category here: 

I have never wanted so many things from one store in my life, and I didn't even get to the new arrivals for the home yet!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Happy Mothers day!

Love the desk/modpodge idea! Cant wait to see it.

Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

I can't wait to see how the desk turns out! I've had my eye on the Bernhardt desk you originally chose when I redo my home office. I love the inspiration pics!

Calypso In The Country said...

I was thinking the same thing about painting the legs on the first one. Love all the office inspiration. Happy Mother's Day!

Anonymous said...

Great post Stacy! I voted for #3, but 1 and 6 looked good too. Your daughter is adorable! So glad you recovered your code.