Etsy Favorite Sellers For Home Decor and Accessories (#17)

Monday, May 30, 2016

One quick note: I want to take back my recommendation from last week on the Turkish towels, which are supposed to be so absorbent. I bought one on Etsy, and it wasn't. The kids hated it and fought over who got stuck using it. I've been seeing them all over Home Goods and places, and they are nice in theory as beach or picnic towels to just sit on, but they are not great as drying off towels. So sorry.

In this edition:

1. Table Linens and Pillows

2. Rings and Things

I especially like the ones for men, including the custom coordinates ones to mark the location of special memories....

3.  3-D Wall Items

I adore these in children's room:

4.  Ceramics

I especially like the Bull Dog Series. It's hard to see on some, but this has a bull dog relief pattern:

And these are new ceramics from a seller I showed you once before:

5. Minimalist Lighting

6. Copper Mugs

7. Pour Over Coffee Systems

I honestly do not know much about pour over systems for coffee, but they come up in my Etsy feed all the time. I am going to read more about them soon, because it could be good for Father's Day. There are a lot to choose from, in lots of price ranges:

8. Speaking of Coffee....

I really like these porcelain travel-type coffee mugs that double as little planters, and the other pottery here:

9.  Marshmallows Like You Haven't Had Before

If you are like me, you never knew that there was any such thing as a good marshmallow. I thought they were all like the grocery store ones that come in the bags for S'mores. Then I tried one of these, and it was like a whole different food. They come in flavors like latte, lemon, chocolate, etc., and they are amazing. I can't have them in my house because they are more tempting to me than fudge.

10. Custom Mailboxes

For my whole life, my parents had a blue and white painted mailbox. So when we bought this house, my mom took me to the boutique she bought it at and I bought almost the same one for my new house. I still love it, but it is on it's last legs because it has had a couple run ins with cars over the years. So these are what I have been looking at to replace it - something more simple this time, I think, although I still do like the painted ones, too:

11. Cow Hide Foldover Clutches

These cost much less than the Clare Vivier originals, but are just as cute:

12. Man Art

I think these are so, so cool. I love them for a man cave, recreation or teen hangout, or boy's room. Click through if you don't understand any - they are described. I had to do it with a few. A soon as my 15 year old finishes finals I am going to show him these because he is wanting to make his room a bit less babyish. I just love these!               

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this and all of your Etsy posts - they're so useful, I can't imagine how long they take to put together!