Etsy Favorites Sellers for Home Decor and Women's Accessories (#13)

Monday, May 2, 2016

1. Giant Clam Shells

Much to my chagrin, I have bought several of these for people at mass retailers and spent more than I had to. These are the ones I have bought (click image to view each) - they are not cheap:

And here are the Etsy ones at serious savings:  herehereherehere, and here. Or click the images to view:

2. Custom Coordinates Jewelry

These are another Anthropologie find that are being done for a lot less on Etsy.  Anthro has the custom coordinates bracelet here for $140, and the Etsy ones, starting at $25 are hereherehere, here, here, and here:


3. Custom Bar Necklaces

The original bar necklaces, if you want to compare prices, are here and here. And the Etsy ones are here and here:


4. Ostrich Feather Purses

I adore these. I have a lavender one that I bought (on Etsy) this winter. I got so many compliments on it, but also let it (briefly) catch on fire at the table because I put it too close to the candle. So be careful!

The originals are here and here.... and the Etsy versions are here and here.


5. Animal Planters

And yet another anthro alternative. Here are anthro's:

And the Etsy ones (here and here):


6. Origami Lights:

These are great for children's rooms. They are plug in, so they can go almost anywhere:                       

7.  Handmade Bunny Dolls 

My best friend in kindergarten had one that looked just like this and I was sooooooo jealous! The next time there is a new baby in my life, he or she is definitely getting one of these:


8. Live Succulent Wreaths (here and here)

I think these would last a long time because of the succulents, but gardening is a weak spot for me.... Still, I am sending one to my mother in law for Mother's Day:

9. Stuffed Animal Mobiles and Faux Taxidermy (here and here)

These didn't become popular until after my daughter was too old for them, and it is one of my biggest disappointments about her room. I think they are soooo cute. Here is an original, and then the Etsy versions:


 10. Hermes Style Bags (But not fakes)

I think people usually know when someone is carrying a fake that is pretending to be a Kelly bag or a Gucci or whatever. I like these because they are beautiful and well made, but don't pretend to be the real thing, with Hermes stamped hastily on them. Besides being against the fakes for political reasons, I'm not a fan because I think when they are fake, you can tell.  I have one of these in canvas with tan leather trim and I love it in the summer - it's not pretending to be an Hermes, but is a beautiful leather bag with incredible workmanship:


11. Upcycled Furniture:


12 Kitchen Utensils

These are handmade in Africa.  I would likely never ever be able to buy one of these if not for Etsy:


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Anonymous said...

Great deals Stacy, thank you! And lol on the ostrich feather purse, the same thing happened to me!

Elizabeth@ Pine Cones and Acorns said...

Love all of the etsy finds! Cannot wait to check them out!

Merlin said...

WHEW!!! franki