Kate Spade Inspired Desk - DIY Wall Paper & ModPodge Project

Saturday, May 21, 2016

You guys, I could not be more excited! Take two of my Mod Podge desk is coming out so much better, and I love it. Remember initially I used really thin paper and it was bumpy and didn't look great? The new paper came today, and while it is technically sticky back paper, it feels like really strong wallpaper. It was so easy (although matching seams was impossible, but I don't really care). It needs another coat and then I'll show the whole thing. But here is where I am at now:

And here is some weekend eye candy:

And finally, some items from the brand I buy most (Mercer 41). These are good quality, and such great prices:


Jennifer@ClassicStyleHome said...

It looks great! When you can DIY something it's great because you're saving $, but there's also that feeling of your piece being a one of a kind.

The enchanted home said...

So impressed....it looks amazing and adds so much to the room. I love your persistence and can do attitude, that's the way to get things done!

Merlin said...

Suh-Weet!! franki

Anonymous said...

Wow that desk looks amazing - so jealous!!