So Much News! Family Room Mini-Reveal, Disney Cruise, 50 Favorites for Friday (#231)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

I'm being weird about the home page of my blog, so you may have noticed all the posts are after the break now (email readers are not affected). I hope you don't mind. I do still get people every week who don't know how to subscribe, so I wanted to mention that. There are six ways to subscribe, and two places to find the subscription links:
1. Right next to my photo on the top right of the sidebar in any page there are six links. Click the blue "Email," "Pinterest," "Facebook," "Google," "Twitter," or "Instagram" to follow that way; or
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Next, my family room. I still have to do accessories and clean up - these are NOT staged. But I couldn't wait to show you the rug and sofas in place. The seven football boys literally JUST moved the rugs and table in (yay!) It's different than my usual look, but it is great for the family and the kids' friends. So we are happy, and it's getting so close to being done. Now that I see the white benches in these photos, I'll probably take them out, and of course I need pillows and general styling:

I really, really love this rug:

Next, a few of you asked about the Disney cruise we just got back from. I don't want to show my extended family because I haven't asked permission, so I'll just show my immediate family and a couple of scenery shots - I don't want to bore you with too much.

Boarding the ship:

The main deck at night:

Ellie at the pool at the Nassau stop. We visited my parents' time share. Even though it wasn't their allotted time share week, they let us come use the pool and beach:

The ship was huge. Here are some stats:  It cost $900,000,000 to build and holds 3,900 guests and 1500 crew members per cruise:

Here are my "babies" on the port side. Or starboard. Who knows....

There were fireworks off the ship on the last night:

We did not bring a selfie stick, but my husband has really long arms so we got a good family shot off our balcony. Bobby just got his braces off, and Ellie is just about to start them:

 Ok, on to the 50 Favorites:

Finally, here are some things I love right now:

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Calypso In The Country said...

Love the family pictures! Looks like you had a wonderful time! We haven't done a cruise yet after all these years of traveling to the Caribbean...maybe one of these days. The rug looks great in the room and I like the way you have it layered over the other rug. Enjoy the weekend!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I love the new rug and the whole room looks beautiful.

Melissa Rakowski said...

Hi Stacy, Love your home. Can you tell me what white you chose to paint the living room?

Merlin said...


Anonymous said...

Stacy, loved the vacation pics. Can't wait to see how you complete your living room. Those sofas are beautiful.

Thanks for all the time you put in each of your posts. It's appreciated!