50 Favorites for Friday: Velvet Furniture

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I could look at images of velvet furniture all day long. I read an article the other night about how to use velvet in interior design without making it look stuffy. I honestly don't know why I read it, because I don't ever think it look stuffy. The main point was to have more modern lines in the furniture you select so that it doesn't look to old fashioned. Anthropologie has absolutely mastered this. Anyway, this post was soooo easy to pull together because the trend has really taken off. I hope you enjoy! As usual, I added some of my favorite sources at the end....

Ok, now my favorites:

Sofas (all under $1000):
Chairs (Most under $500):

Over $500 (some just a little, some a lot):






Sue L said...

What a lovely selections of rooms to look at on this rainy Michigan morning! Thank you for your constant inspiration. Studying your posts along with a cup of coffee really starts my work day off in the best mindset!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful - now wishing that I could drape myself in velvet!

Lisa said...

These rooms are all gorgeous!! Velvet is beautiful in any color!!

Katherine said...

It certainly isn't your grandma's velvet side chair - very inspiring tones of velvet.