Dark and Stormy Fall Rooms

Monday, September 5, 2016

Now that it is technically Autumn (well, the "unofficial" back-to-school kind of Autumn), I am seeing so many more dark rooms wherever I go.  This is a tribute to my favorites.

What do you all think? Could you live in a room this dark?

And here are some pillows I have bookmarked from Kevin O'Brien. High end ones that I love and want but could never spend the money on. Fun to look though: 

Anonymous said...

These are so dramatic! Not sure I could live with them long-term, but they're definitely beautiful.

Merlin said...

YES I COULD!!! Just did one wall in the tv room in olive/metallic brass wallpaper and I'm crazy about it!! franki

Katherine said...

Love the intensity that dark rooms offer. If done right, it will give an air of sophistication and elegance.
I once painted a bathroom (without a window in it) - black. Crystal chandeliers added and plush white towels - it was one of my favourite design jobs.