Glamour Defined.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I absolutely LOVE this dining room restaurant design. I probably wouldn't think to vary the chairs they way the designer did (I'm a symmetry person), but I adore it here. It's from the Yeeels Restuarant in Paris. Here are some more images from the venue:

And some (slightly) less elaborate but still glamorous rooms that I've saved:

These are the new John Richard items I am lusting over but will never buy. I think they are all great for accomplishing the glamorous look of the rooms in this post. Aren't they gorgeous!?

These are more my speed. I thought it was exciting that my family room sofa is in this sale!

Anonymous said...

That restaurant looks amazing! I wonder if the food is as good as the d├ęcor is beautiful (probably impossible!)

Merlin said...

Not your grandmother's I-HOP!!!! WOW!!! AND, that pool...bring it ON!! franki