Couture Brands at Wayfair

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I don't ever want to inundate readers with product pictures and posts, so I always do these as a second post, meaning email readers get the "real" post first with this second one as an attachment.

This took me a couple years to find, but I finally found the couture section at Wayfair!!! I have seen many of these pieces in other searches before, but not all together.... all 922 amazing pieces with prices that I know I can't beat anywhere. I'm a big fan of Wayfair for this reason, as well as for the customer service. Not such a fan of the website because searches are often unfruitful, but I am SO excited I finally found this section!

Some of the prices are out of my range, but a lot aren't. Like the navy blue velvet love seat for $799 - I hadn't seen that before and am so glad to know where it is now. I'm really lusting after the pink lamp in row 1 too.

This post shows about 1 in 9 of everything they have available. To view all, click HERE