To Be, or Not to Be Daring? (Bold Interior Design)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

There are some bold choices in these rooms, and I admire them all. For example, so many metallic surfaces in the top image, as well as the mix of metals. In the one below, the mix of patterns. I find that I am more daring the older I get, although most of these I wouldn't do in my own home (but I still respect them). What about you? Do you like to be daring in decorating? I'd love to know!

Richelle Milton said...

Another great post, Stacy! What works best for my comfort zone is to go bold in one area at a time, rather than multiple areas at once. Yet, as your selections show, design done well can incorporate an number of bold elements.

Merlin said...

Definitely daring...some of the things I've made, designed, etc. soon would show up in an article, blog, etc. That IS the fun of decorating...DO DARING!! :) franki