What I Love Wednesday: Coastal Interiors

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

First, what I love the very most this Wednesday is my beautiful baby girl Ellie, who turns 12 years old today! She is half baby, half woman, and I'm sure all of you with children are familiar with that strange dynamic.


Happy birthday my sweet smart princess!!

You guys were very vocal about yesterday's post - thank you! I love when you tell me what you like and don't like, because it helps me tailor the posts to what most of you enjoy. Most of the comments come by email from subscribers who read that way, so unfortunately they are not shared with the general readership. The consensus was that you liked coastal interiors, though, so I thought I'd show you more from the same designer (Casa Bella Interiors). Enjoy!

Leslie Sinclair said...

She is so beautiful just like you! Happy Birthday Ellie!!! They grow up so fast!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful young woman, Miss Ellie - Happy Birthday! She favors her mother. Is that you in the one with the red hair? Identical sweet faces. Thanks for sharing!!


Merlin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREETINGS to my Birthday Twin (day!!) Today IS beach weather reading 80 degrees!! franki

Anonymous said...

OMG your daughter is beautiful! Happy Birthday! And thanks for the additional coastal interiors shots, they're gorgeous.

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!!!