Home Office Changes: Painted Bookcases, Reveal

Monday, July 10, 2017

This actually took me almost a year to do once I chose the paint, so we lived with it with testers everywhere while I tried to find the time to do it. Of course I could scrape up some time, but it's a priority thing. Would I rather paint on a gorgeous Sunday, or be outside? Yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore so I chose paint.

I used Ben Moore Silver Gray (2131-60) and painted with a brush. What. A. Pain. But I do like how it came out.

This room is my nemesis to photograph. The light is never ever right and I end up having to lift shadows and I'm not great at editing. But hopefully you get the idea!

I pared down so much for these photos, but the desk still looks crowded. I like it that way in real life, but wish I had removed more for the photos:

For the shelves, I'm sure you guys have read the rules before. Like objects and colors together, books should alternate horizontal and vertical, and the biggest trick in my opinion, remove half of what you thought you would use. I think there are still too many objects here, especially on the right side of the room. It usually takes me a few days of moving things as I walk by to get it right:

Here is a close up of the paint and new door hardware. The bars are actually cabinet pulls, and they are more gold than this photo reflects. They were pretty exciting for me actually, because as I'm sure you know, cabinet pulls can be dreadfully expensive. These are from Build.com (here) and were $9 - not bad.

Last night when I finished:

Close up of the color:

Final thought, and I know I have mentioned it before, but this is the greatest trick I know when I am struggling with a vignette or part of a room. You get a hand mirror and stand with your back to the part of the room you can't figure out. Look at it backwards in the mirror. It changes the perspective and tricks your mind into thinking it's the first time you've seen it (I'm making this up of course.... I just think that's what happens). Chances are, whatever is bugging you about the room will jump right out. It always works for me and I'm about to do it again on those far right shelves.

Thanks for reading!
onewickedchick said...

Love the room, what color white are the walls? Is it semi-gloss? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Love everything. May I ask where the white desk is from?

Stacy Curran said...

Oops sorry I should've included the white paint, which is Cloud White by Benjamin Moore in a semi gloss. The white consul table is from Wayfair

Richelle said...

Love so much about this room: the background color inside the bookshelves, the sofa/bench in front of the window, the console w/ the benches under it, the chandelier, the wood trim on the white walls, the tufted chair back on the desk chair, the calming colors, sunburst mirror, console lamps, and all the pink orchids!

I remember when you and Elle were applying a black dotted paper surface to your former desk - a 'Kate Spade' look-alike. I take it you didn't care for the outcome? I loved that patterned detail, but you can't go wrong with the mirrored desk either.

Another great project, Stacy! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

This came out so beautiful! Congratulations and great job!

Calypso In The Country said...

What a beautiful color! I love how they turned out!

Anonymous said...

In the first picture of your office I love! Also in the hall there is a water scene on the painting. I was wondering were you bought the art. I would live a painting like this